I needed a method for automated setup of Office Web Apps Server that included the latest CU (from April) and Language Packs. The solution was as easy as 1-2-3. The trick that did it was a combination of a good old batch file, and the Config.xml files in the downloads.

First of all download Office Web Apps Server  Language Packs (change for the 50 languages supported) and latest CU April CU
Remember to have the PreReqs installed; see my older post.

Unpack the files into folders on network share (or on a hard drive on the OWA server). Create a .bat file in the root folder.
image image

Add this text to the bat file:
@Echo on
start /wait wacserver\setup.exe /config \Deploy\wacserver\files\setupsilent\config.xml
start /wait Update\wacserver2013-kb2810007-fullfile-x64-glb.exe /passive
start /wait NorLan\setup.exe /config \Deploy\NorLAn\files\setupsilent\config.xml
start /wait SpanishLan\setup.exe /config \Deploy\SpanishLan\files\setupsilent\config.xml

The start /wait command is the trick for running serial installations.
For the WACServer (OWA Server) and all the LanguagePacks I use the /Config parameter to point to the files\setupsilent\config.xml file. The only thing I modified was the Display Level, by entering “basic” you will see the progressbar.

If you like a reboot on the servers after install, modify the Value parameter to AutoAlways NB! do this only on the last Language Pack – I did that for the Spanish one. See .bat file above.

The Updates from Microsoft Supports a Passive switch, so that’s why I added this param. in the .bat file above.

That’s it Mate Smile all binaries are in all servers.
How about add the bat file to the GPO on the OU for OWA servers?

The next steps is creating the OWA Farm.
–For that you can use nothing but PowerShell. Stay tuned for another post on that.. 
Also I suggest a look at this nice blog Patching your WAC farm with no downtime from Wictor Wilén

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