Just updated a OWA server farm with the November 10 2015 Update. This is also a security Update for Microsoft Office to Address Remote Code Execution (3104540). Read more for a step by step guide.

Step 1: Identify the build you are running:
Check Todd Klindt OWA versions and Wictor Wilén Office Web Apps Versions , Run this in PS (the PS script from Todd and Wictor will not work in Rev.Proxy environments)
PS>(Invoke-WebRequest https://”myowaserverurl”/op/servicebusy.htm).Headers

Picture: I got the 15.0.4569.1506 version –that is OWA server with SP1 from April 2014.

Step 2: Download files
Download the Nov 2015 Update
If you have an older build than mine (15.0.4569.1506) you must first install the SP1 

Step 3: Dokument and remove OWA Machines
Dokument the OWA farm settings, run this on the OWA server.
Then remove the OWA Machines with PS>Remove-OfficeWebAppsMachine
– at this point the preview in SharePoint is unavailable. My downtime was 15 minutes, but I had the SP1 allready installed and the installation file (830 Mb) was installed from  a pretty fast local D:\ drive

Step 4: Install and restart server

Step 5: Enable the OfficeWebAppsFarm
– with same settings as the previous get-officewebappsfarm documentation step3

PS>New-OfficeWebAppsFarm -ExternalUrl https:/”myowaserverurl" -CertificateName "MyCertName" -EditingEnabled -OpenFromUrlEnabled:$true

Step 6: Testing
Picture: Yes! Smilefjes Build is newer 15.0.4771 before was 15.0.4569
Finally also test from SharePoint search and in doclibs for alle Office Docs

Check out my earlier blog on Implementing OWA
And also how to get PDF preview in Search results

Happy patching Smilefjes

by Thorbjørn Værp on Jan 5, 2016 at 2:16 PM


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